Tuesday, October 7, 2014

College Again

Although it's been about 7 weeks into the semester I'm finally posting about class. Beside PE and business class I'm taking historical costume class. and we make everything on a half scale dress form.

of course everything has to be historical correct such as fabric (with exception) and closure. we get to pick our time line, what they are doing, what time it is, female or male.

I picked the later tang dynasty. and there isn't much information on this time period so we (as in my processor and me) took the time and matched it as close as possible to the time in other area around the world. I also watch period drama cause that was the closet I could get to information beside photos of modernized outfit.

don't have any cut or pattern process but here is the second mock up i did. The first one's top didn't fit well.

Monday, April 21, 2014

CSUS Japan Festival Fashion Show

I took part in the CSUS Japan Festival Fashion Show for the Japanese Club at Sacramento State University again this year with Hill Tribe Fusion April 13th. It was a great load of fun. We used the Elevator to go down to the stage area and it was just wonderful. The models from "The Circle of Model" group model for me again and they did wonderful. 

After the show there was a photoshoot that happen and photo will be posted on Instagram.

Model - Violeta Kay
Photo by Richard Lau
Dress made by Juicy Sweets (me ^.^)
Photo is copy right if you want to use please contact me first. To use the Model Violeta please contact "The Circle Of Models."

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Class Room Talk

So today was a wonderful and fun day. I went in to my old teacher Ester's Marketing class at The Art Institute and just talked about my brand and myself, and how I market my items. She introduced me to her students and there were a few that stood out more than the others. Became part of a Fashion Event the Students and Ester are planing. Also going to take part in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Run again in the fashion area for the Auction so be sure to look at what's going to come up and be made for that event as well. Ok now here is just a quick recaps on what I said about marketing and how I market my own brand as well. 

Social Media - is your best friend or it can be your worst enemy. Social Media is wonderful cause everyone use it these days. Everyone is using the net and google searching everyday.

Word of Mouth - friends to customer, to pass by-er. once a topic comes up, other will start to search and ask more question about what the topic is.

Self Promoting - something I always do. If you want to get some were you promote yourself to get out there. Its a hard world in the fashion industry and there's lots of shark. But you have to stand your own grown.

Socializing - Talk to people. Connect with other is also another big one. When you talk to people you make acquaintance or even friends. Talk to everyone you can when your at any event. To the photographers, other designers, promoters, even the fashion show/event coordinator. They will have a connection to others and they will be able to help you get in to other events.

Those four are the main things I use for my own marketing and promoting myself as a designer.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Utopia Fashion Show

Hello everyone! How have you been?

It's been a while since last blog post I know. >.< I've been busy doing many things and on top of that I don't ever seem to have time to blog. But here is something fun that had happen yesterday. UCD SFA (Student Fashion Association) Had contacted me a month ago and ask if I would like to take part in there "Utopia" fashion show. I gladly took the event and it was so much fun. The Circle of Models; model for me and it was a blast. Love the girls. I did a photo shoot with them before but I haven't had them model on the runway before and it was just wonderful. Love the girls. Of course as you'll see on instagram there will be photo up.
Model : Angel
Photographer : Dahl Photography

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Fun

Today is a special day. It's Valentine's Day.  Were all the love in the world is shown today with hearts and roses.  Hugs and kisses.

Even if you by yourself you can still have the dun of today by treating yourself out. Grab yourself a box of chocolates or go shopping.

Got someone special?  Well what are you doing on here? Go spend time with that special girl/guy. It'll be lots of fun.

If they day turns bad think of the good things in life and to not the bad. Live every moment to the fullest.


Monday, September 9, 2013

J-Fashion Show

Been more then a week-ish but I had lots of fun doing the fashion show for Sac-Anime J-Fashion Show. I also had many others I've met before and I really enjoyed it. Hill Tribe Fusion (Annie), Prince Noir and many other designer were there as well.

My lovely model Gina, Jenney, Angel and Asia came to model my collection "Secret Garden." All of the outfits were a fun outfit to make and play with.

Aside from the outfits and hair items I did the model make up. Got to say I love how they each turn out. Want to add more gems to them but didn't have enough. Wigs are provided by each of the models, they bought by Gothic Lolita Wig.

Due to the fact the my phone didn't work I allow the model to take photos of the outfits and just took photo from them.

photo copy right by SacStyle
photo copy right by SacStyle

To view my model Gina blog about the fashion show or any other fashion check out  SacStyle.

Lolita Morning Tea

Hello Everyone, How have you been? I know its been a while since I last post but as most of you know I work two other jobs beside my design brand juicy sweets. Since I'm late in this blog post I will post my best for it.
  (Hi There)

So this is my first time taking part in a Lolita Tea Party. This tea party is for Sac-Anime Summer 13 Lolita Morning Tea Party. I sat at table 3 with many of my other Sacramento EGL girls. Some I knew and some  I didn't but after the day I did get to know who they were though. It was a lovely time and it was quite fun.

 The tea- party was hosted by Katie Bair. We had simple games to play aside from the nice pastry. We all had a choice before going into the event of Green tea, Era Gray tea, or coffee. I just had a nice warm up of green tea that I must say hit the spot for the early morning.

 Each of use recived a different phone charm. A very cute and yummy phone charm. We got candy as well. 
I don't remenber were the pastry came from or what it's call but it was quite yummy. Inside the bottom bun has red bean past, behind the strawberry was a nice cream very yummy. I do know that its a bakery in Sacramento near Sac City I belived.

I think the only Con about the event was that I felt like I was treated a bit like a kid. I didn't really apriceated it much. We were also rushed on eating so that we could play game. Although the game keep up interaction with one another I didn't like to be rushed on eating especially since the pastry was very good. The Morning Tea didn't seem very long even though it was for an hour, I think they should have made it longer. But either way it was very fun and I did met new people as well.

 To join the Sacramento EGL community or get news about upcoming events such as met-ups, swap meets, or tea-partys events please feel free to check out the facebook community.